Since my first period I felt beholden to the hormonal turmoil going on inside me. Throughout my teens and twenties I struggled with acne, anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, low libido, chronic yeast infections, melasma and painful, heavy, irregular periods. When I asked for help, I was given the pill and little else. As a young woman I was not equipped with the knowledge of my body to make informed, empowered decisions so I relied on a decision made for me by my physician. After ten years of feeling frustrated, I started looking for other answers. I studied nutrition and mindfulness, and I started building a team of health care professionals that aligned with my goals. I began to see a change.

 Even at my worst, very few of my friends and family even knew how deeply I was affected by my symptoms. Like so many women I suffered in silence, believing that my hormonal struggles were inherent in the female experience. But the truth is, they are not. Irregular cycles, the physical and emotional symptoms associated with PMS, fertility troubles, fatigue, anxiety; this is our body’s way of communicating that there is an imbalance.  This is the way the body tells us to pay attention-to listen and to make change. 

My mission is to help my clients interpret their symptoms and become empowered to pursue wellness, defined by them.



  • B.A in Philosophy from Union College

  • Apprenticed under Nicole Jardim Women’s Health & Functional Nutrition Coach

  • In the process of becoming a Certified Women’s Health Coach through The Integrative Women’s Health Institute